How we Work

Delivering games for free or provide support for a fee

For the already developed games, the way we work with our partners is either by delivering our games for free, with the partner organization responsible for printing and facilitating the game implementation or providing support for a fee by adapting the game to the local context and coaching their implementation.

Developing New Games together with our partners

We also provide the service of developing new games for ‘development’ purposes in collaboration with our partners. Our games can be used for several project stages and purposes, such as baseline surveys, trainings and monitoring & evaluation. We are eager to communicate and work together with other organizations! 

We Play and Evaluate

Collecting users’ feedback and incorporating it into the design process of game development is an essential component of Games with s Heart. This helps us improve our games and make them more enjoyable to the users. We can support your organization to learn how the users received the game itself, measure the impact of the game and document key learnings.

We are designing new games and testing them with different populations. From refugee contexts in Yemen and Uganda to development settings working with water and sanitation operators, farmers, pastoralists, school teachers and vulnerable families in Ethiopia, Kenya and Nepal. By clicking on the donation button your contribution can support us in the process of creating new games and adapting them to fit the interests and needs of the individuals and groups we support.

If you found our games appealing contact us!

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