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Games with a Heart is created to use the power and pleasure of games to develop individual and group skills, to raise awareness on personal and global matters, to make education more attractive and to support the needs of the most vulnerable people. Games with a Heart is built on more than 10 years experience of MetaMeta in developing games for education, fun and development.
Whilst in the wealthy places of this world, games are used a lot as an instrument for joy and learning, this is not the case in many other areas, where the need for education and new skills is very large, yet the learning is monotonous and without sparkle. The potential contribution that games can make in such places is generally unutilized.
We believe that games can make a big difference: they make us curious, they encourage us to learn, and they show who we are and what is happening. They keep us engaged whilst we learn and convey messages that often cannot be conveyed in any other way. They give us emotional rewards, stimulate creativity, and encourage problem solving. There are so many skills we can acquire through games. Games are a powerful means of communication.
Games with a Heart create games that can be played at almost all ages, at almost all backgrounds and cultures. Our games are easy to play and customized to different people and needs: age and gender, life histories, sensitivities, language and experience. Our vision is to address the needs in skills and knowledge for development with games.

How we work?

In Games with a Heart we have different working modalities. We work with educational initiatives, awareness programs, development organizations, agricultural organizations, WASH providers and special funders. As the application of games are many, there is a variety of working methods:
  • We develop game initiatives for special needs – particularly for groups of people that are under stress.
  • We develop joint game trajectories with partners, including the training of staff and feedback mechanisms to better understand the needs and issues.
  • We publish and make available games that can be used – some for free and some at a price.
Do you want us to partner with you on your challenges in skill development, awareness, education or others, with new games or games from our catalogue? Please contact us at: ……..
Do you want to support our work with vulnerable groups, including refugees in Greece, Yemen and Uganda or with farmers, pastoralists, school teachers and vulnerable families in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal or elsewhere? Please contribute. Donate button.

Our Team

We are passionate about games and what they can do. We have in the last ten years built up a large portfolio of games, used in development programs and also published in magazines. We combine this with programs on how to apply the games and maximize the impact and learning through feedback and evaluation. 
Games with a Heart consists of a global team of experienced researchers and designers with a varied background: 


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The games designed by GWH have been distributed and played in a variety of nations, including Uganda, Yemen, Ethiopia and Greece. Will your organization be the next?

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