Who We Are

Following MetaMeta’s 16-year experience and passion with developing serious games, Games with a Heart focuses on educational games for enhancing horizontal and peer-to-peer learning in the development sector.
Our main objective is to design, test and use simple and fun games to enhance know-how, raise awareness and transform attitudes and behaviors of targeted populations living and working in different sets of circumstances and contexts all over the globe. Games can offer limitless benefits to learn, connect and change realities, during and after, the time they are being played.
Our games promote peace, love, joy, healthy habits and technological innovations, among many other values and skills. Their main focus is on the development of individual and cooperative skills, raising awareness about key local and global matters, making education more attractive and supporting the most vulnerable people having access to information that support them acquiring new and strengthening practices and behaviors.
Games with a Heart can be adapted and contextualized as needed. Our games are also highly usable for research and capacity building and training, as well as monitoring and evaluation purposes.

How do we Work?

Delivering games for free or provide support for a fee

Developing New Games together with our partners

We Play and Evaluate

Locations of Research

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